Wednesday, 1 February 2006

PhD Dissertation Proposal / SSHRC Proposal

The following documents are attached to help those working on PhDs, especially those in the Joint York/Ryerson Communication and Culture Programme (Toronto, Canada):

1) My Accepted Dissertation Proposal:

This version does not have my appendices attached, but it should give you an idea of what a successful dissertation proposal looks like. This proposal is based on the standards posted here:

You can also compare the proposal with my old 2005 SSHRC Plan of Study to see how it has evolved over the years.

2) My Most Successful SSHRC Proposal (Accepted for funding by SSHRC in April 2006, but no more funds were alloted that year -- I was third on the waiting list):

Acknowledgements: I have to thank my dissertation committee for their feedback on these documents - Drs. Ruth Panofsky, Greg Elmer, and Kevin Dowler. Also, I have to thank those folks at the Infoscape Lab, and many of my peers in the ComCult Programme for their help. Laurie Petrou and Ganaele Langlois graciously shared their Dissertation Proposals with me, so I hope to keep this tradition alive by allowing my proposal to be viewed on-line.

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Thanks so much for posting this! very helpful!!