Sunday, 6 May 2007

New Publications / Summer Plans 2007

I’ve had some great news in the past few weeks. First off, I’ve had a few articles published:

1) Elmer, Greg, Peter Malachy Ryan, Zachary Devereaux, Ganaele Langlois, Fenwick McKelvey, and Joanna Redden. “Election Bloggers: Methods for Determining Political Influence.” First Monday (April 2007): click here.

2) Ryan, Peter Malachy. “Computer Geek Erotica: We know about the Red Pill, but was the Blue Pill Viagra?” Graduate Student Article Competition. Ryerson University, 2007: click here.

Also, my summer is shaping up to be quite full. I’ve been accepted to the following two summer institutes:

1) Oxford Internet Institute at Harvard Berkman Law School:

2) Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria:

In other words, I’m going to be quite busy until the end of July. Of course, now that my Blog is back up and running, I'll write all about it.

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